3D printed architecture

looking beyond future

KEEEN provides large scale 3D printing services
to create customised interior design products.

From design to fabrication
touch innovation with your hands.

Unique pieces for a better living experience

KEEEN integrates design with fabrication to reach unprecedented levels of customisation. Architecture and Design Firms are now able to realise unconventional shapes relying on a single interlocutor.

Design and fabrication, under control

Forget over-budget projects and rescheduling activities. Through our services, you can keep under control project budget and timing while creating unprecedented experiences for your customers.

One supplier
more opportunities

Plastic 3D printing

KEEEN can fabricate customised components like covering panels or interior furniture products, starting from raw recycled plastics.

Metal 3D printing

Our advanced fabrication processes allows to fabricate metal components choosing from 100+ pure metal alloy. Give it a chance and touch real metal with your hands.

How to buy our services

Are you a Design and Architecture Firm?

Collaborate with our design design team: take advantage of KEEEN's computational design methods and reach unprecedented designs to sell your clients. Optimize properties and production of both small and large elements, while maintaining complete control over design, budget and project timing.
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Are you a Brand Stakeholder?

KEEEN can be your unique supplier for both the design and the fabrication of your ideas. You'll take advantage of full KEEEN design-to-fabrication processes, keeping under control the project budget and timing while ensuring the best results to your final clients.
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